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Feel Safe With Your Home Inspection


Leave it to us inspecting your home from top to bottom is what we do.




Your Home Inspection

It would be our privilege to perform your home inspection as we realize this is a very important life investment. The areas that we will be inspecting are as follows: 

I. Structural Systems.

II. Electrical System.

III. Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning systems.

IV. Plumbing systems.

V. Appliances.

VI. Optional systems.





At Home Safe Inspections utilizes infrared thermal imaging technology to assist in detection of moisture intrusion in places that are difficult to see or touch. At Home Safe Inspections takes your home investment seriously,  Thermal imaging can help detect issues before they become a problem.


Advantages Of Thermal Imaging

examples of issues found with the help of thermal imaging camera. 



We hope to give you the ultimate professional experience, and would like to give you the opportunity to preview the software that is used for your inspection -  Home Inspector Pro Software