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We highly believe and maintain family and integrity to be at the core of our business. We aim to provide a honest dialogue that will make it easy for your family to understand the findings in your new home bringing you a peace of mind. Our Family looks forward to serving your family.

At Home Safe Inspections understands the importance of a well maintained crawlspace area and the effects to the rest of the structure. A close inspection of the crawlspace is an essential part of our complete general home inspection for pier and beam foundation. As shown in this picture of Diego inspecting a crawlspace



Here is Diego inspecting the flashing around the chimney. Inspecting flashing around all roof penetrations is part of our routine when performing a roof inspection.


Here is a cautionary tale for buyers in the market for a newly constructed home. Here is a newly built home a client was interested in purchasing. Anyone would have expected everything to be flawless  and in proper working order, upon a closer look we saw that was not the case.



We came to discover the home was experiencing plumbing issues related to low water pressure throughout the home, as well as no water flow to the hose bibs outside. So we immediately searched for the  main water supply cut off valve and water pressure regulator, but could not find them. At which point we contacted the builder who also could not find them, to discover they were buried under concrete and had to be dug up in several areas immediately outside the home.

The moral of the story is that if the client followed the advice of the manger of the subdivision and continued the purchase without a home inspection just because it is a new home as they were pressured to do, they would have been stuck with a very expensive home and a huge problem.


  Underground drainage system failure. 

Underground drainage system failure. 

Damage roof structure member.


Foundation tension cable blowout.

 Poor roof installation

Poor roof installation


Leaking water heater/damage walls.


Roof leak detected




 Plumbing issues in the crawlspace.

Plumbing issues in the crawlspace.

Plumbing leak in crawlspace.



 Poor roof installation

Poor roof installation

Wood destroying insect activity.



Poor  roof installation

Improper decking and roof installation.

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